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Madalyn Nguyen
God, family, friends

Smile. You're BeYoutiful :)
Dinner, yes he talks about this stuff while we’re eating… -.-

WARNING: High level of grossness. Read on at your own risk..

*As I’m saying I don’t want anymore lime in my bun rieu

Dad: “Con dung lo. Neu bun con mang, khong phai chanh dau. Ba moi moc nat cua ba.” - Translation: “Don’t worry, daughter. If your noodles are sour, it won’t be the lime. I just picked my armpits !”

*I make a fuss

Dad: *laughs “I’m just kidding !!”


*while he is cutting the mit (Vietnamese fruit)

Dad: “Con biet khong, an mit lam minh dam ram nhieu lam do. Ba muon lam contest, see ai have the best smelling fart !” - Translation: “Did you know, eating mit makes you fart like crazy. I want to hold a contest, see who has the best smelling fart !”

Me: “Ewwww BA ! Ba ghe qua a !” - Translation: “Ewwww DAD ! You’re so gross !”

Dad: “Don’t worry. I don’t think anyone can beat THIS old fart.” (Referring to himself)

Dad: *Talking to my cousin “Apparently anyone who was found in the trash can gets special treatment !… Oh, did you not know!?”

And he continues farting and says “You know, boiling the seeds and eating them makes you fart even more !” *sees my bewildered and disgusted face “What you don’t believe me? Let me boil these up and prove it to you later ! Just get under a blanket and I’ll lift up the corner by your face and fart so you can be engulfed by the smell !”

And then he moves on to talk about the various pranks he pulled in his past and ones that he plans on pulling in the future ! -.-

Oh God help me…

And now my heart stumbles on things I don’t know

This weakness I feel I must finally show

Who would’ve thunk it? I’m living the dream with the boy of my dreams.

Pensacola, FL

mom walks out of the restroom that she was changing into her grungy beach outfit in

Dad: “Coi nguoi dep di ra.. WOOOOWW” in a loud whisper - translation: look at this beauty coming out.. WOOOOWW

Dad: “We have to bring a basket to the beach every time your mom goes in bc wherever she goes, you’ll see a bunch of dead fish floating to the surface soon thereafter. Get ready for some seafood for dinner !!”

Dad: “I’m gonna walk in the room like in the movies, watch me !” He slowly opens the door and slooowwwwly sticks his bare leg in and then comes in and smiles creepily…

My-Huong: “Your dad’s leg is so skinny… !”

Dad: “You better revel in this leg ! You don’t get to see something like this every day, you know !”

$16,000 - Houston Endowment Scholarship

$16,000 - Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Metropolitan Scholarship

But I might not get either bc apparently I’ve received too much in grants and scholarships already!? Bogus. -.-“

As of yesterday, going to prom with Joe Fartface Panzarella.

Thank you for the embarrassing surprise, stinky !! And especially for this sweet baby right here ! :)
Recipient of President’s Achievement Scholarship from UT


So incredibly blessed. :)

Another $20,000 in mini scholarships from UT for my first year alone!?

I’m lovin this school more and more ! Hook ‘em ! :D


He gets me every time, and he doesn’t even know it.
I’m a Coca-Cola Scholar !!! :D

Which means I am one of 200 kids in the U.S. who will be awarded $10,000 or 50 kids who will be awarded $20,000 for college ! Hehe, I feel so extremely blessed.

So I told my dad about it, and his face was extremely serious and straight at first, and then after about 5 seconds, he grabbed my mom’s hand with a huge grin on his face and said, “5,000 for you and 5,000 for me!” And they both started giggling/laughing and my mom started jumping like a fool. LOL ! Geeee, thaaaanks mom and dad. -.-“

Hehe, I guess busting your butt for these darn scholarship applications really does pay off !! :D

Two parents in love

*dad wakes up from a nap

Mom: Why do you look so upset?

Dad: I had a bad dream..

Mom: About?

Dad: I dreamt that I was visiting you, but then I had to leave to go home to my wife.

*LOL ! Whaaat!?!?!? Hahahahah !

Mom: Hahaha ! So does this mean you want a girlfriend!?

Dad: No, only you.

The greatest family

I’ve been kind of crumbling lately. I’ve tried to be strong, but sometimes a girl just needs to fall, right?

I was sitting in the foyer-area of my house tonight. Just on the ground, thinking about everything. My mom came out and sat next to me. We talked and stuff, and I told her what was going on at school. She said, “I’m not worried about whether or not you’ll be number 1. I’m just worried about you,” her voice cracked, “Seeing you sad makes me sad. I haven’t been able to do anything all day because I’ve been so worried about you.” 

Even when I try to hide from them, my parents see right through me.

Our conversation shifted to… boys. Heheh, or rather, just a boy. :)

My dad came out and asked what was going on. We both smiled and said, “Nothing!” He said, “Don’t make me feel lonely in this house!” My mom and I laughed. My dad said, “Fine, I’m going away, then.” My mom said, “Nooo !! Come back !!!!!” with her arm outstretched. He walked off and my mother and I laughed again. Hehe. We continued talking, and then out of nowhere, we see my dad with a broom in his hand sweeping the floor about 3 yards from where we were sitting! LOL WTH!? My dad doesn’t sweep the house..!? This happened a few more times - he was getting water, he was going to the restroom, he was watching the TV on mute, etc. Hahahah, he’s so silly.

Then my little sister came out and started talking to me about that boy. Haha, and just cracking jokes and such and such.

Yeah, my family’s pretty great.

The friend zone stinks !!

But I’m not really sure of what lies beyond it, and that kind of scares me.

Just what I needed to brighten this sucky day:

a friend like Kyle Raney
my 7th graders
La Madeleine (who also gave me free soup and a drink&#160;!!)
my little sister
Moulin Rouge songs
Starbucks date &amp; spontaneous sleepover with Rebecca
It&#8217;s the little things that make me happy.
My license has finally been renewed !!!!

Ahhhh, sweet freedom !

Hehehhehehehehe, goodbye you wretched DPS office ! See you in 6 years !